Moving Server from Hetzner to X

Hi there, finally, I have a nice quickbox server up and running, I had the ACD guru install and had my server placed on quickbox DNS. One thing I never managed to fix was the terrible i/o lag on my server. Turns out, the HDDs on my server are faulty, but still readable.

Is there an easy way to move my whole install with all the configs to a new server?

Offtopic: QB chat is not working?

If you’re moving inside hetzner don’t they offer a free data transfer if you’ve had the server for more than a month?

Well I had the server for about three weeks, but that is not the problem. Problem is the old server has hardware raid, the new one has software raid. I was told by hetzner an easy transfer would not be available. At the moment, I am giving crashplan a shot. And as long as I can take the old IP to the new server (which I can), I don’t even see a problem with quickbox DNS.

Yeah that’ll work for DNS, if you find a solution to easily migrate your config let us know. I usually just have to rebuild each time, didn’t know about the hardware Vs software raid though.

So crashpan did not really work, tried it several different ways, and the server always failed to boot.

The good news: The new server finally has an acceptable read/write speed of ~400MB/s compared to the 80 MB/s I was getting on the old one.

Right now I’m almost done transfering the torrents via plain ssh. I just don’t know how to transfer the nice rclone/acd setup from dtech, the rest of my apps will be set up from scratch.