Moving server. Can I copy my app settings too?

Going to be moving over to a new server in the next few days. Just wondering if its possible to also move over my Plex, Sonarr & Radarr settings with my media using BTSync?

If so what do I copy?

For Plex you need first to zip your preferences.
Do a zip of your Library & setting by doing

zip -R /var/lib/plexmediaserver /your_desired_folder/
(I recommand to you to replace ‘your_desired_folder’ by ‘home/your_user/‘
Once done you can transfer your home directory to your fresh server.

After that, reinstall QuickBox, reinstall Plex and do a

rm -R /var/lib/plexmediaserver
unzip /path_to_backup/ /
service plexmediaserver restart

And now you have all your prefs + files + metadata on your new server.

I dont use Sonarr & Radarr so i can’t help you for them…

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