Moving files from local to gdrive, post-download

My setup is a hosted VPS with 100GB local storage. Plex is setup with libraries pointing to a Google team drive mount, mounted with rclone.

Sonaar and Radaar are configured, along with Ombi, and most of the downloads occur using SABnzbd, but some are torrents using Deluge.

I like how Sonaar and Radaar rename/clean up file names, folders, etc. I also have it set to move the files to my gdrive mount path, but it’s problematic, at best. Sometimes movies are stuck in the completed folder, like they downloaded but failed to move.

Is there an easy way to setup rclone or something similar to move downloaded items to the correct folder on my team drive after it’s downloaded?

What mount method are you using for rclone?
Are you moving to gdrive with a move script?

One option could be using rclone vfs and have sonarr/radarr copyt directly ti gdrive without using a move script