Moved Seedbox after QuickBox install - Internal IP Changed Causing Problems

Recently I had a friend come over and he brought a computer that we rebuilt to be a seedbox using the QuickBox install script. Everything went fine, install was easy as expected, no issues. Then he returned home, where he has a different internal IP network than I do. Which is causing a few little issues using links inside the dashboard.


I just don’t know if there is a quick way to reset all the hardcoded old IP addresses to the new one on the network the box is currently on, or if there is a list of what files are needed to be edited to fix this ‘oops’?

On that note I did fix the ‘Web Console’ link, by going through and editing the http://SERVERIP:4224 address from the .0.228 to .1.12 inside:


The box itself works without issue, using PuTTY we can connect remotely into the box, going to the Deluge WebUI (which we use and aren’t bothering with rtorrent) link directly, connects and are able to interact with torrents. Torrents themselves download and work without issue. So this isn’t a huge issue, but more of a “well there is not something right, how do I fix it” type of question. From looking around the Plaza, that’s all I could figure out to change so far. But lesson learned, set static IP and make sure it never changes for any future installs!

I also did come across this command:

sudo updateQuickBox

Will this help to fix my problem, cause more issues, or help but I still need to go the extra step to edit some configuration files?

box upgrade is the command that has super-ceded the updateQuickBox command. BOX does use the updateQuickBox command, however, for good measure I would just use either your dashboard or box upgrade.

Your issue with the IP being the way it is is certainly a result of the moving to the new IP as QuickBox registers these things in the install location and doesn’t count on moving away. The IP you see on the bash welcome can be modified via the file /etc/profile

The IP is not hard coded in any other locations so this should be the only place you need to look.

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Thank you @JMSolo, I definitely learned something today!

Though interesting, and not sure if this helps anyone else out, but I did the box upgrade command, and I saw it do a bunch of things but the IP looked to stay the same (even logged out and logged back in). But when I did the updateQuickBox command (and logged out and back in), the IP had reset to my friends current IP/network on the Welcome screen.

But good to know about the /etc/profile , I’m going to go poke around on my box and see what happens (not afraid to break and rebuild as needed).

Problem resolved! I had a feeling there had to be a quick command out there for this.

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