Move Quickbox to a directory via VirtualHost

I’m having problems with my Apache2 configuration which is posted here:

The problem being that I want to move QuickBox over to a directory (i.e. domain.tld/qb) and I do so via Alias except when I try to go to domain.tld without the /qb on the root (i.e. _domain.tld), it still asks me to Authenticate.

When I do authenticate on domain.tld, it goes in an infinite authenticate loop. If I remove the Alias on the last two VirtualHost, it would still login and take me to the dashboard and doesn’t serve the /var/www/html as listed.

I’m not quite sure where I went wrong in my configuration to have my root domain just serve static content via the /var/www/html and my domain.tld/qb to redirect to the QuickBox dashboard, but any help would be appreciated.

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