More services in the Service controller & Service status


When we looks the Quickbox official video, we can see many services. In the recent versions we have only 2 services (rTorrent & iRSSi-AutoDL in my case). If i install new packages, they doesn’t appears in these widgets.

I’ve tried to add Plex, but currently the service controller recognize Plex and have a switch but doesn’t work and the service status won’t list Plex.

Will this feature reappears again in the future?

The video is very old and outdated. The toggle you see for Plex is not for enabling the service itself, but was for allowing public access without login. This feature has since been removed. Other services like, Deluge, CouchPotato, Sonaar, Jackett, SickRage, Rapidleech etc etc. Do show in that service field. Plex is a media service and thus has no entry on the list. If you see your Plex link in the menu, then the service is active.

We may build in the option to restart, or turn the service on/off, but at this moment there is no real need.

Also, take note that services do not show up in your service controllers unless they are installed.

I’ve installed Plex from the Package Center and it works. The Plex toggle was created by me this weekend because after a reboot (little mistake from my server panel :smiley: ), Plex hasn’t start with the server. So, i’ve tried to develop a switch that can enable Plex (only doable from the master account) and develop a checker.

But I was not able to perform this task lol

Why not signup with QuickLab and submit some of your developments to the Project? We’d love to take a look at some of what you have and work on collaborating fixes. Contributing back to the ecosystem would be awesome! :wink:

I’ll do that :slight_smile:

Awesome! The more people we have contributing to the code the better! If you have any questions about the structure of QuickBox and what repos to push pull requests to, please do not hesitate to PM me your questions. :slight_smile: