Migration to the cloud (remote seedbox)

I’ve intended to move to quickbox for over a year but I finally need to get moving. I’ve posted before.

FIrst, I’d like to purchase some guidance. If that means I donate to the group or pay a particular contributor that’s fine. I’d rather prefer private conversations but if the forums are better that’s OK. I’m just worried about privacy.

I’ve had a VMware server running for years with a couple of Ubuntu instances. I could do it in one but two worked fine. One for torrents and one for newsgroups. I also run a Windows machine, mostly for processing misbehaving packages (PAR, RAR, etc.) and for searching. I always do any torrent searches from behind the VPN (PIA). I have a script running that kills the torrent engine if the VPN drops. I run, but don’t really use, Couch Potato. I run but often use Sick Beard - the biggest problem with that will be that there is potential for a lot of online storage required.

I’m moving to an environment where I’ll have limited and sporadic Internet access. Think mobile. So, I need to move my environment to a hosted environment/cloud. I know that’s exactly what Quickbox is for.

I installed Quickbox on a VM on my VMware box. Sadly, there’s a bit of a learning curve (not steep) and, since I already had a working solution, I didn’t use it enough.

I’d like to work (paid) with you to finally move forward and discuss best practices. Overall I just need to replace my existing functionality with the addition of:

  1. Instead of a kill script I’d need the firewall to prevent torrent traffic out over anything but the VPN. Probably also true of newsgroup traffic, although I know it’s not the same.
  2. I’ll need some sort of download mechanism. Undoubtedly I’ll connect via a VPN but then I’ll need a robust, uninterruptible, low bandwidth capable method to get seedbox files available locally. My Internet access will be spotty, but will often be OK late at night or early morning.
  3. It probably doesn’t need to be a Windows machine but I’ll need the ability to have some sort of machine console to allow a web browser and any repair utilities. This is typically NZB and Torrent searches.
  4. I may need multiuser capability… or at least the ability to have someone else be able to download files from a secure area.

I’m somewhat paranoid. Any security best practices are appreciated. Clearly we can’t discuss anything considered illegal. :slight_smile: I’ve shopped for seedboxes but haven’t made a selection. Seems to me I’ll need at least 300GB to 1TB of storage. Probably unlimited bandwidth?? Processor doesn’t seem like a big deal.

The biggest challenge may be having me unlearn what I know so that I understand the way quickbox does things. That would include new and better ways of doing things.

Thanks in advance for helping me get started.

Hello Just4Fun :wink:

For my part, I can help you but I can’ to do it for you (maybe others can).

Regarding donations, we don’t do this for money but few bucks to help JMsolo to pay the QB infrastructure may help (I guess). If you want to donate you can, you are free to help the QuickBox community (and you will get an awesome badge :slight_smile: )

Regarding you migration concern, based on applications needs that you mentionned, these things are available on QuickBox :

  • Search NZB releases : NZBHydra
  • Search torrents releases : Sonarr/SickBead + Radarr/CouchPotato + Jackett
  • Download NZB releases : NZBGet
  • Download torrents releases : rtorrent/transmission/deluge
  • Desktop GUI : x2go
  • Multi-user download capabilites : rtorrent/Deluge (users can’t do more than download a file and get it)
  • Download mecanism seedbox -> local : Resilio Sync (but If you want to manage file per file you will need a PRO account)
  • Secure area : you can enable HTTPS and FTPS with your own domain.

Regarding you material needs, from the moment that you don’t need to have Plex with multiple transcoding capabilites (powerful CPU), you can have a server with large storage without paying so much. Don’t worry about unlimited bandwith, you certainly will not exceed it.

The only thing that QuickBox don’t have (yet?) is the capabilty to run torrent services over VPN.
For that, you will need external script to manage downloads based on the fact that the VPN is active, but it seems you already have it? (I guess with rtorrent?).

So technicaly, QuickBox could be the perfect solution for you ! :wink:

PS : servers like Kimsufi are hosted in France. In France, the legislation regarding P2P (torrents) are under monitor of the HADOPI organisation and consist in “fishing” french people peers who download fake torrent popular releases (made and uploaded by HADOPI on semi-public French torrent boards) in order to send them warnings. After 3 warnings, you are risking 1500€ penalty. BUT HADOPI are only watching subnets IPs for French citizens and not French companies. So technicaly, for the moment, you can download torrents from seedbox/dedicated providers without problem. But your logic regarding anonymity is right, my explanations was only for information.

so basicly the more i help the more rep i gain, like badges… cool check out my openvpn fix post let me know if its ok… it worked for me on ubuntu 16.04 as the quickVPN instructions are verry vage and the cert doesnt work also i dont know what port to use for admin but when i install it manualy from deb packages the port is :943 the only thing needing to be changed is the default tcp port its set to 443 but after a quick fix the vpn works grat im in france right now. but not really ;0