Migration to Quickbox

I put this hear because it may be an odd request.

For various reasons I need to move to a seedbox. For many years I’ve run VMware, at home.
There are currently 4 sessions. The fourth, quickbox, is just a place to play around before setting up a remote seedbox. Soon I won’t have easy acess to local Internet, which is why I’m moving to a seedbox.
VM 1 - Windows Jump Machine (Win7 - Remote Desktop for access)
VM 2 - Linux (Ubuntu) - Transmission Torrent box (Runs on a VPN with a kill switch)
VM 3 - Linux (Ubuntu) - SABNZBD and SickBeard (Runs on a VPN with a kill switch)

While I run Couch Potato I rarely use it. Instead I use RARBG or other sites via a browser (on the Linux / Transmission box) and then use magnet links to feed Transmission.

Similar situation for NZB files. I use NZB.SU. SABNZBD has a folder it watches and I just drop them in there. It’s a shared folder so I can browse just about anywhere.

As I move to a seedbox some things will obviously change. I do still want to run a VPN and a kill switch (or firewall rules). I’ll run the torrent client and the news client on the same box. I’ll probably run couch potato and the “new” sickbeard.

In this arrangement can I still use a browser to search? Do I still use magnet links? How do I “load” the NZB files?

Can I make it “multi-tenant”? That is, two accounts. One for shareable content and one for private content? I believe I can by useing different Userids for access.

I guess I just need some general guidance on how to move from how I do things now to the recommended way of doing things with a seedbox.

Not that it matters but I’ve given up on the idea of doing it myself and I’m just planning on “hiring” the quickbox folks. It actually sounds like money well spent… and to a good cause.

Thanks in advance.

Hello there :slight_smile:

You might be surprised, but that’s a pretty standard request, that QB is built to handle. So, a few basic things to answer your question:

  • First of all, I would encourage you to read the ReadMe here: https://quickbox.io/readme-md/. It addresses many of the things you have asked.
  • You should still be able to use a VPN for your seedbox with a Killswitch, though I haven’t done that on mine and can’t speak on the best route.
  • You can still use a browser to search for torrents. You would just copy the magnet link (copy link address), then paste that into the WebUI of your torrent client.
  • For NZBs, set up SABnzbd in QB, set a watch folder and upload (or sync with Syncthing/BTSync) to that folder.
  • Yes, QuickBox does support multi-user setups (one of it’s main purposes actually). You would create users with the command createSeedboxUser

The team here is great, so it wouldn’t hurt to hire either :slight_smile:

Thank you very much. Excellent answer. I do plan on hiring some help. Thanks also for the link.

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