Many errors on rutorrent


this is a screenshots:

Yesterday I did an “apt-update && apt-upgrade”. PHP was updated. During installation I had chosen to leave the PHP “settings” file that was already present. A little while ago, I decided to clean cache memory from the dashboard. Then appeared these errors.

I think that is caused by the update of PHP because I didn’t touch anything else.

P.s.: sorry for my english

No, updating PHP will not ensue this type of error as I urge everyone to stay up-to-date with apt dependencies. These apt updates/upgrades will not break QuickBox/ruTorrent. Can yo confirm that you are on the new QuickBox Repositories hosted at GitHub?

Yes I’m on the new repo.

EDIT: so could be only a simple permission problem?? anyway I moved to the new repo about 5-6 days ago without any problems.

It’s possible it could be a permissions issue.

Check to see that your /srv/rutorrent/plugins directory is setup with permissions (typically the install handles them as 2775) and are owned by www-data.

Seems to be ok:

drwxrwsr-x 54 www-data www-data 4.0K Dec 16 20:52 plugins

Is everything inside that directory permed the same?


except for .git, .gitignore and Don’t know if this is normal but I noticed that all the directory have the dates corresponding to when the error started to appear (instead of the installation date). Infact the plugins directory has the date correspondig to installation date (16 Dec.). But inside “plugins” all the sub-directory has the date of 21 Feb.

Edit: Nevermind…as I remember probably I ran the updater to try to fix the problem.

EDIT 2: It’s VERY VERY STRANGE but I decided to reboot rtorrent…and now all is working!!! I really don’t know what happened :confused:

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Sounds like Linux happened :stuck_out_tongue:

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