Main Menu item access for users

How do I add main menu entries to the dashboard of other users. I want to allow other users on my server to have easy access to Sonarr, Couchpotato, etc. I have added them to the Apache permissions to allow authentication, but the links to the apps do not appear in the dashboard.

Custom links were added recently, I believe this should apply to all users and not just the master. Take a look on some info:

Setting up and using a custom menu in QuickBox

That is an interesting feature, but it results in duplicate entries that only appear in the dashboard of the “primary” user account. Does not seem to affect any other accounts. I would like to give a secondary account the same level of access that the primary account has. Thank you for your help.

I’ll have to take a look into the code, I think it should be reasonable to set whether or not we want the link to be for all users or one user in the menu itself and not have it default to hidden.