MadSonic & Torrent Adder support


just a short note: Lately I read about this guy who proposed the idea of having the possibility to stream content directly from the seedbox.
Therefore I wanted to suggest “MadSonic” as an application to perform this task. I used it on another box and it’s a really nice and handy tool.
Furthermore I wanted to ask if it’s possible to support the extension “Remote Torrent Adder” for Chrome.

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remote torrent adder works.

Here are my settings for Rutorrent

here are my deluge settings:


Thank you RXWatcher, I will try it =)

Torrent adder doesn’t work properly with private trackers.
So i found an alternative (works on Chrome & Firefox).

An extension called “Xirvik .torrent to seedbox uploader” (chrome version, firefox version).

You can’t configure it like Torrent adder (No port specification/ssl etc) but it works fine for me

Let’s look the configuration :

Note : the Seedbox URL can be like "http://IP_adress/rutorrent" also

How to use it :

When you visit a torrent page, just clic on the habitual button for download the torrent. Some seconds later, you’ll see a notification that tells the torrent has been added to your seedbox.

Torrent Adder works just fine with private trackers…but always nice with alternatives :slight_smile:

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For me it’s the fault of the catchlink. We’ve seen with an admin of a private tracker and we are unable to setup it properly. So we found this alternative

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Still puzzles me that it makes issues as I am on a bunch myself and it is working like a charm on all of them :slight_smile:

Actually it sounds like its a port or ssl issue regarding your settings…because Xirvik uses none of that it seems :slight_smile:

This is what we also believe
But we’ve tried with the site port, the tracker port, and ou server ports (for ftp & sftp)

very odd for the torrent adder not to work for you on private trackers i can count 5 that i have had no issues with touch wood. has anyone attempted to use transdrone or transdroid to add torrents from a smartphone ? im guessing the SGI mount point would be /rutorrent/plugins/httprpc/action.php

That would be the correct mount point. However, we also include a plugin call ‘Mobile’ that should negate the complicated use of Transdroid. The mobile plugin simply converts ruTorrent to a mobile friendly format.

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