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I’ve just made a donation but think I set wrong username. It seems on forum it’s showing my Github username but on Quickbox at top at times it shows the name I set when creating quickbox forum account which is GRiM. When making donation I chose the GUthub username so don’t think it’s reflecting that I have made donation on Quickbox site?

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Adjusted. Thank you so much for your contribution… it means the world :heart_eyes:

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You’re very welcome. Thankyou for the scripts/work you guys put in. Will be donating more once paid all my bills etc.

I may need a custom build/whitelabel at some point. I think I discussed this with you about a year back JM.

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Indeed, just remind me of the details as I am handling way too many requests these days (we all are). I do plan on building back in the White-label service, but first I am going to build a separate repo for White-label members. This way updates will not destroy your customization’s. One such start to this process is the recent move of the local QuickBox repositories from /root/ to /etc/

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I don’t have any details at the moment but I think it would be mainly a list of default settings, cosmetic changes to panel and webui etc. Most of these things I can do myself after inital setup or by my own Github source for install but the idea of them all being kept when doing upgrades through your service would be a nice feature to have.

Agreed. You’ve basically described the method. I plan on adding in a private repo for every White-label install. This will be ported over to public repositories for stable changes.

Obviously, you as the White-label user would have a unique key to acquire these updates on your server.

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Lol, I made the same mistake. I just noticed that you get to be part of the “Donor” group when you donate. What does it even mean to be part of the ‘Donor’ group?

Anyhoo, I think JMSolo and team has done great work. They deserve all the support they can get!

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Just donated too but I guess it doesn’t list/reg either here in the plaza. It does reg on the main qb page under the user though.

Thank you for your contribution, cyda. Very much appreciated.
I’ve given you the “Doner” titel


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