Lost control of my Quickbox install. Please Help!

Ive been running Quickbox on a kimsufi server for a long time. Today for no reason i can discern rtorrent and iRSSi-AutoDL show up red in the dashboard, i cannot ftp or ssh in, and cannot install or uninstall packages from the dashboard. I tried a reboot, that did not work. Web console works but i cannot sudo su. I should also note almost no commands work in web console. I know im only in community version but if anyone can help me at least regain ftp access so i can bring my files down before i wipe and start from scratch id appreciate it.


It seems that your QuickBox has something broken. I’m not sure what happened from your description. But I have following suggestions:

If you can use ssh there, you can visit your file via SFTP instead of ftp, SFTP use the ssh port.

Another way: you can try rescue mode of kimsufi. Just mount your partition after entering the rescue OS, you will be able to access your files and can build a temp ftp service.

for some reason ssh is not working either. I have no idea what happened. can you enlighten me on how to setup the temp service?

edit - i figured it out. thanks for the tip!

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