Looking for some inspiration at my TV setup

Hello QB members,

I’m looking for some tough on how to upgrade my TV setup.
Right now I’m streaming everything and I’m thinking on placing a NAS storage to store some of the bigger series on and maybe the 4k files.

I’m streaming with plex to my chromecast, the server is powerful enough to handle most files, only larger 4k files are buffering.

I have a LG OLED television with a surround system 5.1 from Bose with a 3 subwoofers.
My picture and sound is pretty awesome. I also have a roku ultra on its way as I need to import it to my country. Hoping this could be better to play 4k media.

I’m thinking about the NAS upgrade but not sure if it is a good move.

What is your setup or recommendation for me?

Thank you for the attention :grinning: