Log aggregrater/browser on Dashboard

With all the different and cool programs that are now available via the package manager I have found myself searching log files in a lot of places.

For example PlexRequest has the logs under /home/$MASTER/logs
couchpotato /home/$MASTER/.couchpotato/logs
some like apache are under /var/log/apache/ etc.

My Suggestion would be a module that you can enable which adds a link to the menu titled “Logs” where you have relevant logfiles on a per program basis. Either as tabs or something similar.

I am not sure if its easier to set up with just a webpage that lists the content of log files or if there is a program already that does that.

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nice suggestion actually :slight_smile:

Sounds like a very good idea or possibly even create a folder called logs in a proper location with subfolders for each application something like the below example.

~/home/logs: plex | ruTorrent | xxxxxx | yyyyyyy |

So you can also easily see them in console, ftp and so on.
Not sure how easy or viable that would be thought.

I’d +1 an idea like this!