Linux Mint 18.1

Hi, anyone there using QuickBox on top of Linux Mint 18 (based on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS) with success? Just a question of a friend of mine who wants to try QuickBox but kinda reluctant with messing his system :smile:


  • Using QB for a week and loving every minute of it!

Have him fire up a VM and run it! :smiley:
The more the merrier! <3

Sure!!! :relaxed:


Let me know if there are any errors… and or just upload the log file here after it does it’s process. I’ll get a hold of a linux mint ISO and test it out. Can’t promise today, but I can check on it.

He says no luck… the script won’t install because it’s Linux Mint (only Debian 8 and *buntu 15.10 / 16.04).
By the way I’ve tried to install QB on Debian 8.7.1 for several times, on different machines (the last time 2 days ago), and no luck at all… full of errors, just like another user posted in github site


That was actually before the update. However, I installed this for a user this morning on Debian 8.7.1 without issue.

Really? That’s nice! :grinning:

Trying to install QB on Debian, maybe tomorrow…

And thank you again for your time and excellent work