Limit the ratio, setting download and ratio rules

Hi all. I want to ask. How to limit the ratio of torrent downloaded by user ? Also the download speed ?
For now I have to login user account and limit the ratio and setting the ratio rules manually and also the download speed.
Any method to force using MASTER account ?

Check out the throttle and extraratio plugins in ruTorrent.

are you meaning force the speeds they use?
so say user 2 has limited speed can be done by
editing the .rtorrent.rc
nano /home/user/.rtorrent.rc

this well set a default speed as long as they dont change in settings will stay but if they restart the rtorrent after changing settings
they will go back to what is set in the .rtorrent.rc

I know this method. I want to force other user so they cant change the setting I make. Hehe

I try to navigate to the folder using master account and I dont find the files. It is hidden files?
Or I need to use cli only ?

It is a hidden file within the users /home/username directory. la -l to see all files.

I would advise using console for most of these tasks to avoid improper formatting on save.


ok thanks for the command.:wink: