Lidarr and radarr not working


I install two Ubuntu 16.04LTS from the same mini.iso within few hours
both UEFI with one big / partition, as recommended
both have the same user for Quickbox and on both I run sudo su - to reach root user for after that lunching the box script

the one (dev)

I messed around;
which means install and uninstall mostly every apps available via box as root
have finally lidarr and radarr working
I said finally because lidaar and radarr had issue at the first install without upgrading mono.

the second (prod)

but the one I declared been production, which I don’t want to mess around with it :wink:
even I updated mono as mentioned here than restart
but it don’t seams related to mono because sonarr and jackett works.

service lidarr status still give me : Failed to start Lidarr Daemon.
mostly during evey installation on my second quickbox I always have these 2 messages
cp: cannot create regular file '/home/akeru/.config/Lidarr/config.xml': No such file or directory
ERROR INSTALLING - COULD NOT FIND config.xml in /home/user/.config/Lidarr/config.xml

So I don’t know
I means maybe another apps available via box made prerequisite more complete
or who knows and/or who might point where I must look :wink: