Let's Encrypt to be revoking certain certificates on March 4

Originally published at: https://quickbox.io/announcements/lets-encrypt-to-be-revoking-certain-certificates-on-march-4/

More info on the vulnerability.

You might of heard of the recent vulnerability in Let’s Encrypt certificates. As per here:


You will need to force a new certificate. You can do so by SSHing into your server and then run the following to force a new certificate;

How to force renew your certificate.
"/root/.acme.sh"/acme.sh --cron --home "/root/.acme.sh" --force

If that doesn’t have any result, try running the below method;

acme.sh --cron --home "/root/.acme.sh" --force
Additional Mentions.

You can use the following link to check if your certificate is requiring intervention. Otherwise, sit back and relax, you’ve nothing to do.