Just installed QuickBox and rTorrent is not working

Hi gents

I’ve just installed QuickBox on a Hetzner server running Ubuntu 16.04, everything looks fine except that on the dashboard there is no ruTorrend, and I can see a red dot next to rTorrent.

If I try to execute rtorrent via ssh inside the server it says:

rtorrent: Error in option file: ~/.rtorrent.rc:10: Could not prepare socket for listening: Cannot assign requested address

Since it’s a fresh install I do not know why is that caused for, any help?

Many thanks

I am going to be patching this up soon for the Community version installs. For now, you can run apt -y install rtorrent followed by restarting the service, and you should be all set.

Just to confirm, had you done a reboot after the install?

Yes, I did restart after installation, and I’ve done the “apt -y install rtorrent” and reset the service.
But everything looks the same, I have also rebooted the server but it looks like rtorrent does not want to start.

Just reinstall your seedbox and then reinstall the script again :kissing_closed_eyes: