Just an idea get name out there more


as is if i am wrong correct me but would it not be possible to remove Rakshasa and put QuickBox there…

this would allow more people to see it and be able to be like hey what’s that

this is a site i found when wondering how people cheated ratio https://calomel.org/rtorrent_mods.html
I DO NOT i repeat NOT want people to take this and start cheating, but I would like to be more different than the rest.


This could be doable but not entirely necessary. I wouldn’t remove credit to Rakshasa, but perhaps we could add in (Rakshasa | QuickBox). I do think it’s a neat idea however and it would be simple to do by modifying the version headers… (nothing else would be touched)


If modifying the headers, would you run the risk of tracker whitelist blocks due to not matching whitelist entries? It can be glacially slow to get trackers to add new whitelist entries, especially for things the staff are unfamiliar with.


Indeed. With more thought on this it wouldn’t really be changing the version… only the author version attached. I think this would be ok, however, I would need to look into it more… certainly wouldn’t want QuickBox to be the result of getting blocked.