Jackett links to radarr or CP

Heya there :slight_smile:
Now that Jackett is perfectly working, i’m struggling with making it work with radarr or cp. I’m using QB with let’s encrypt installed.
Now matter what domain i use, mydomain.com, myip, localhost,, and the port 9117 provided by the jackett install, i get denied acess with that infamous 401 error page.
Have you got any clue ? Cheers

I just did this last night.

Radarr is like this:

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Geez, the only url i didn’t try :confused:
Thanks dude

I had to do like 15 of them…it was a pain so I just hacked the sqlite db and added them in that way…it worked.

I have some like the AlphaRatio that can’t connect…not sure why. I havent had time to figure that out yet.

Strange that it doesn’t work as out-of-the-box as it’s supposed.

Its the reverse proxy. This requires authentication and there isnt a way to do authentication with this Jackett stuff. It’s more onto Radarr than Jackett. By using localhost you’re bypassing the authentication.

Ok, i got rid of the https as well, using plain http instead.

Thanks for the explanation :wink:

IIRC, some trackers don’t work when tested by Sonarr through Jackett. I don’t recall the exact reason why.