Jackett issue installation

i have just setup a new quickbox and im having issues with the jacket installation i get to this point in installation and it goes no further " Adjusting Jackett reverse and service configs … "

Hi there

Is it QuickBox or QuickBox Pro?
What version of QB?
Debian or Ubuntu?
What version of Deb/Ub?


quickbox pro
ver v2.0.7
ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS

thanks :slight_smile:

could you try:
qb fix dkpg
qb fix version
qb remove jackett yourUserName
and lastly
qb install jackett yourUserName


when running
qb remove jackett yourUserName

qb install jackett yourUserName

i get this message

(1:245)# qb install jackett stblaze
➜ Jackett process running.
➜ If you believe this to be in error, please run qb fix dpkg
➜ Alternatively, you can fix frontend dpkg locks in the Dashboard under Troubleshooting
✗ Exiting…

ok so i ran dpkg front end locks from the admin panel and tried the remove command again which worked then went for the install command and again it has stalled at
➜ Adjusting Jackett reverse and service configs …

qb fix dkpg
qb install jackett yourUserName

ends up stalling during the install again?

yeah thats exactally what happened

Adjusting Jackett reverse and service configs …

is where it always stalls