Jackett & Couchpotato

Anyone have any luck connecting to Jackett from Couchpotato, specifically to hd-torrents? I copy Jackett’s ‘Copy Potato Feed’ and insert that into the host name of TorrentPotato in CP. I use Jacketts’ API as pass key and leave username blank. What am i missing… HDT tests just fine in Jackett but when i run a query in CP and look at the logs where it says it can’t retreive that URL (the one given by Jackett). AM i missing something?

Remember to use it like this: http://localhost:9117/potato/TRACKERNAME

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awesome that did it! many thanks Titte95!

How is that supposed to work? If I use http://localhost:9117/potato/TRACKERNAME

instead of the potato url from jacket, it doesn’t work either.