I've Discovered Something Awesome! - Not a Sponsored Post

Originally published at: https://quickbox.io/blog/ive-discovered-something-awesome-not-a-sponsored-post/

For those who don’t know, I love technology and I love watching Technology videos on YouTube and one channel I always watch is Linus Tech Tips. They have various sponsorships on their videos and one that I kept seeing was for something that allows you to monitor your servers remotely. It was something called Pulseway.

However, for someone who only manages up to 2 servers, I didn’t really see the point in having to pay out $80 per month for a service that I’m sure I could find something for free. And then I did.

Pulseway has a free account option which allows you to monitor up to 2 machines (regardless of operating system) and this perfectly fits what I wanted.

So I registered for their free account, and looked at their installation guide. It literally took me all of 5 minutes to install their monitoring software and set up the notifications. I honestly couldn’t believe how simple and quick it was.

I then downloaded their free iOS app, logged in, and my server was there. I could run all of the relevant commands, and set up scripts to execute common commands, and set up reports and everything. Their free account does everything that I wanted it to do, and more! In addition, there is integration for Slack as well (if you use Slack that is).

I’d highly recommend everyone to look at getting a free Pulseway account to monitor your servers, execute commands on the go, and so much more.

This is not a sponsored post and QuickBox are not being paid for posting about this service. This is something that I personally use and I wanted to share the benefits of using this service with you all.

For more information, you can check out their website here: https://www.pulseway.com