Issues installing Sonarr on QuickBox

Hello guys,

I hope you are well.

I am very new to QuickBox. Prior to this I had everything separated but a friend of mine showed me this and I love the idea!

He sent me this guide and I have been following through it to link everything together (I am going to be using rTorrent, Sonarr and Radarr);

I was able to get Radarr downloaded just fine, however I have been experiencing many issues with Sonarr.

At first, I was seeing the following error;
ERROR INSTALLING - COULD NOT FIND config.xml in /home/yngtqnwrcadjnju/.config/NzbDrone/config.xml

When looking, I could see that the file nor directories were missing: “.config/NzbDrone/config.xml”

To “resolve” that, I created the directories and I found a default config which I have altered so that error is no longer showing up, however now Sonarr is staying red even though it is enabled.

I have been looking into this for like 3 hours as I tend to like the investigation and resolving it but my head is on the edge of exploding hahaha.

I have seen a ton of other people resolve it by updating things/restarting services etc. and I have done it all, however no progress.

Can you please help me get this installed & up and running?

I linked the guide above so it may be due to something I have setup prior to this. (e.g. LetsEncrypt) but I am not sure.

I will check this often to see if a legend is able to assist me with this, but if you would prefer a faster response from me, please add me on Discord and I can do whatever you need to help me resolve this.

Discord: !!Fredrick#0001

Thank you guys in advance!

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Hi, have you finally manage to fix your problem. I have exactly the same issue and I can’t figure how to solve it.