Issue with the upgrade of plex!

Title renamed. Please do not create titles that inform the community of what to do and not to do with their installs, unless a bug with QuickBox is confirmed by community mod/ developers

Hello , i just upgraded plex on 2 servers with quickbox and they have bein success but after 5 min, the server were not able to communicate with PLEX, i try to restart, but nothing.

I install the upgrade on a server without quickbox and nothing problem !

Now i have to reinstall PLEX… xD

Strange if the connection is lost.
Establish an ssh tunnel and reconnect plex to the server

The connexion was not possible in local, PLEX fail…

I reinstalled it and now it’s ok, but on 2 server this problem i don’t think i will be alone to have this problem :slight_smile:

After 1 Hour, the server not installed with quickbox have plex down ! :

So that’s a problem of plex ?

All plex server down … i do nothing and all going down !

Now he is accessible in local but he wants again to be revandicate… i try it…
[EDIT] Working 1 hours and now no…