Is there a limit in apache connections?


sometimes my connection from my server to my home is not very good and i need more connections
i use a download manager for that to download the files via http
now the problem: it only makes about 3-4 connections all other timeout

i was not sure if its apache fault or the network is that bad, thats why i installed nginx and tryed to download with the same download manager and no problem with 25 connections same time about 3x download speed

are there any settings for the connection limit in apache?


this sounds oddly familiar to my post right below this about dashboard timing out while watching plex! interested in responses here.

was this ever resolved ? A roundabout way for me is to go into Plex and hit download and then the simultaneous connections of IDM works (going through Plex nginx). It doesn’t work from rutorrent.

By default apache and php7.0-fpm should be able to handle 50 concurrent connections, however, I will look into the settings to see if this is something that I can address with defaults within QuickBox. If I have to move towards nginx, I will… as I have already thought about it on numerous occasion.