Is Pro v1.1.1 totally bugy or do my servers have problem

Is Pro v1.1.1 totally bugy or do my servers have problem. In last 12h I have not managed to install it on any Hezners dedicated servers. After

wget -q && chmod +x qbpro; \
./qbpro -u='username' -p='password'

it just stays on that “doing something stuff” or continue but does not install most of the stuff.
I managed to install it on Hezner Cloud (some errors on the way) but the website said wrong login :open_mouth: and I made that same install with diff. user/passw many times.

So do I need to wait or is there something I can do ? I need to install QB Pro on Hezners dedicated server.

for starters - current public version of pro is v1.1.0 so how you´d be using v.1.1.1 would be a mystery :slight_smile:

Now I normally do something like this…
I assume you start from “rescue mode”.
And the you use their “installimage” command to set up operating system, disks, hostname etc.
When this procedure is done you reboot.
After that you do a apt-get update && apt-get -V upgrade
Then do a apt-get install locate mlocate
then a updatedb
also create a user you´d like to use instead of “Root”

Now fire the qbpro install command…

I have made an amazing amount in QB pro installs on Hetzner boxes and never faced problems doing it this way!

Thanks, I have to try this ASAP. Last time I installed QBPro to Hezner it was smooth sailing(rescuemode->installimage->reboot->log in as root and change root passw->started QDPro install…that was v0.xx
And yes I have tried to
install V1.1.0 (could not log in to dashboard so I asume its latest version.)