Is my box connected to QuickBox by any means?

Yeah, you were right… it was a mess of fail all over the place. :blush:

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well it’s like asking a windows 95 to play 4k video by default it’s just not gonna happen. lol though the Pi could windows 95 without a problem it was not made to run a high throughput function it was made for learning and it’s great for that.

I was seeing if it was possible as a proof-of-concept, not if it would work well.

There is currently @tchoot whom decided to try this out. If I understand correctly, he was saying there may be a way to have RPi emulate x64. So, this may be possible after all… although, I am going to wait and see what he comes up with.

Well I’ve found a program to emulate x86 bit not 64 bit and I’m still digging around too

Thanks for this topic and explanation from staff! :+1: