Is it possible to export mediainfo?

Hi there…

Question - is it possible to make mediainfo selectable/exportable?

Select the data and you will be able to copy the mediainfo. It works for me.

The 1 million question comes now - how?

I go into rutorrent - filemanager - right click the file - select mediainfo
Then you see my screenshot…

I cannot select/copy any text!

You will need to use the files tab and right-click to gather media info that way.

The text is selectable and I think you can also save it to a file.

ahh that way - thanks :slight_smile:

If you use file manager, I found that FireFox allows the text to be selectable (on OS X)

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How did you fix it @Globber , safari, chrome and fire fox wont let me select anything on OSX.

Just like JM explains :slight_smile:

Yeah thanks! I had a bug in my rutorrent i guess. After a re-install it works.