Installing Username/Password?

So, I did a “set and forget” on the script, once it started I walked away.

It completed fine, gave me all the data at the end for the commands as well as where to find the server …

Did i miss something for a username ? All I have is the https://randomletters@ip … but nothing that specifies a username or password …


At the end of the setup, your username and password will be shown using this format:


Another way is to check your /etc/htpasswd as the login credentials will be saved there. Keep in mind that the password saved on that file will be encrypted.

@melo in the beginning of the setup, does “hostname” = username ?

Nope, wait for the prompt where it asks you to “Add a Master Account user to sudoers”. That one is for the username.


I think i know what happened, the first time through I hit enter multiple times (there was a slight screen delay) and it skipped all the options that i noticed the second time around.

Oh is it? That’s why it generated a random string for you instead. Yea so I guess just reinstall and start again to ensure that the correct values are entered to quickbox :smiley:

No hostname is what the server/PC is named on the network.