Installing quickbox and openvpn access server

Since Yesterday I’m playing with this great piece of software, quickbox! This is simply great and easy to install. However I came across some problems while trying to install openvpn access server parallel to quickbox. after installing quickbox and then openvpn access server, I can not connect to my openvpn account and I get some errors regarding sessions. I assume it has something to do with ssl certificates (as both install self signed certificates).
Is there a way to install quickbox without ssl certificates? what would be the side effects. or is there a way to solve this conflict while keeping ssl?

PS: I tried installing quickVPN. but for some reason its very slow on one of my networks and on the other one does not work at all.


Hmm, not too sure on this one. Is it possible your account is trying to make a connection on a port being blocked either locally or on your setup? Do you have CSF installed or any backend firewall from a provider? The SSL certificate warning is usually just a default message and in most cases can be ignored… which brings me to…

Those SSL certs are built in by default on the install of the apache stack. I wouldn’t advise removing SSL from your server simply due to it’s encryption being a “must for most” sort of thing.

I’ll fire up a quick demo instance today and see if I can replicate a slow connection via the quickVPN install. It’s possible this could simply be an issue between yours and your servers location as to why the VPN would be slow… but I won’t know until I check. :wink:

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Thanks for your reply.
This is the exact error I get:
Unexpected error: Unable to obtain Session ID from u’’, port(s)=443: XML-RPC: (‘401’, ‘Unauthorized’)

I do not have any other firewalls. However I think quickbox automatically installs fail2ban.

Does this error message help?

It does yes, however, it by default has everything open and nothing blocked. That error message will certainly help if/when I produce it on another server… then we’ll dig into the meat of it. :smiley: