Installing Crashplan on Quickbox

I was asked to provide steps on how to install Crashplan on quickbox:

Easiest way to do this:

  1. Enable x2Go in the panel
  2. Connect to the server using x2go with your user(make sure you select XFCE in the x2go client)
  3. When prompted by x2go take the default panel settings.
  4. open up a shell and su to root in the shell
  5. Follow the steps for linux here:
  6. Once its installed, it will ask if you want to open the GUI. say yes.
  7. log in or create your crashplan account
  8. setup what to backup and where to backup(ala cloud)
    I would suggest that you show hidden files and backup the entire system except your /home/user/torrents and the /var/log directory(this one is questionable as its constantly being written to however if there is a crash you might want the info there).
  9. Done

If you ever want to check the client again then do the same thing:

  1. x2go into the server as your user
  2. open a shell and sudo to root
  3. execute: /usr/local/crashplan/bin/CrashPlanDesktop

It always wants CrashPlanDesktop to be run as root. This can be worked around by changing some file permissions on the box but its not a huge step to just sudo to root and execute.

A full system restore:

  1. Reload the OS(same version) on the server
  2. Install Crashplan per above
  3. Select to restore and pick your seedbox and pick a date that you know is good.
  4. Select to restore EVERYTHING in the original place and with the original permissions except these two locations:
    /boot and /etc/fstab. They need to be the new ones from the OS reload otherwise it wont boot. Master boot record is looking for a specific ID.
  1. When the restore is done, reboot the machine and login. You should be good to go.

Crashplan is a continuous backup so if you alter one file, you should be able to restore that file from a point in time.


Followed these instructions to test a restore before I put QuickBox into full duty. All seemed to work well, except now the bandwidth data widget is broken and all apps under service control centre show red balls for status. Oddly, the apps all seem to work.

I restored a full crashplan backup of the system (excluding only /boot and /etc/fstab) as per the instructions.

Any ideas?

EDIT: Just realized this is likely because I’m on SYS and didn’t choose the distribution kernel on install. Trying again to see if that’s all it was.

I have not tested this is a long time so it’s possible it needs updating.

Yes, I noticed too after a restore that rtorrent/rutorrent would not work due to some kind of plugin loading error. Wonder if it’s easier to just backup specific items like the plex database and metadata, sonarr database, etc.