Installation Package for SABNzbd


I want to install SABnzbd with QuickBox but I don’t know how to.

I saw it allready implemented in Tuvixhosting seedbox. Now i have my own server

It would be nice if in future script updates you guys could include installpackage as an optional install.

Sabnzbd integration

Seeing what i can do, give me a moment.


i got it working on mine with just an install and allowing the port through the firewall, have you tried this? If not let me know or if you need help with the install ill print out my commands.


@denellum i think this user was more asking for a simple install added into the quick box script but i do think it would be smart if you make a wiki post and then link it to this post. just explain all the steps you took to get it working. use screenshots and or gif of it.


Yes correct @dtech.

@denellum, I have allready installed SABNzbd denellum and working fine, but not linked to quickbox
I was looking for a install into the quickbox like for plex or deluge, and also have service status and service controller included into quickbox and a link into main control panel

i saw it in tuvixhosting control panel

thanks for your great help all guys


lets see what i can do, i know for sure i can script the install just not too sure about adding it to the panel. time to learn :wink: im off tomorrow (6/4 CST) ill see what i can do!