Installation destination (not root)

hey folks,

I’ve noticed something strange about the installation script.
Ubuntu 16.04

I’ve only been able to install with the script on the home page if I do the following things first
sudo -s
cd /root/

If I don’t do these two steps first, the script constantly calls for /root/quickbox/… and complains that it can’t find the files

This is probably because when I run the inital script as sudo, I’m usually in my home directory, not in /root/

Is this expected?

Hi there

i am sure it has to be run from root it will not work unless obviously because of permissions on install

just su into root and then your good to go

on command line type su and enter password then install quickbox

You’re probably right.

I only noticed because I tried to set a box up for a friend and couldn’t for the life of me figure out what was going wrong.

I’ll just continue to do what I was doing :slight_smile: thanks for confirming I’m not crazy!