Install Tautulli impossible

Hello, I need a Guru !
I can’t install Tautulli through the dashboard.
I click on “install” but it doesn’t matter.

nobody for help me?

My instal has been broken for ages. Managed to get it going again via a clean install via console but it soon broke again.

'# sudo su -

'# qb install tautulli mattymatt
-su: qb: command not found

it’s a problem …
please help !
I can’t use GUI or CLI !!!


@mattymatt what does la -l /etc/QuickBox and la -l /usr/local/bin/quickbox/ return

la -l /etc/QuickBox
total 0

la -l /usr/local/bin/quickbox/
total 4.0K
apps -> /etc/QuickBox/apps/
system -> /etc/QuickBox/system/

Will you run the following:

wget -O qb213Update '' && chmod +x qb213Update && ./qb213Update && rm -f ./qb213Update && cat /dev/null > /root/.bash_history && history -wc

Followed by doing a sudo su - and then finally a qb fix version. This should get your install sorted. The updater now safeguards against potential loss of the housed archive directories.

Very Good !!!

it’s ok :slight_smile:

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