Install on already installed quickbox



:mega: Heads Up!

It is advisable when running the QuickBox script to do so as root
Additionally, this is not an officially supported method of updating the QuickBox Script.

####updating from ubuntu 15.04 --> ubuntu 16.04

apt-get update

Make sure to remove obsolete apps, you can do this by typing:

apt-get autoremove
apt-get autoclean

Then, while reinstalling the script, ignore errors saying “can’t move”. The reason for this is that those directories and files are already in place and the script can’t overwrite them.

RuTorrent will not start automatically right after.

Recreate users and add users quota by typing in setdisk
This will not remove torrents already loaded as long as you keep the usernames the same as they were.

The reason for this recreating is that when reinstalling the script it removes things like quota and other settings in rutorrent. This is normal and expected.

After all this you might want to login to rutorrent if it does not start correctly, then do a sudo reboot (took 2x for me)

Now it’s working just fine. This should work upgrading from any version of ubuntu that is supported by the script, it was also tested by @JMSolo on 14 to 16.

If you have any questions just respond in reply and i will help if i can :blush:


I’ve installed version 2.1.0 of this awesome script on my Debian 8. Can I follow this guide to update QuickBox to newest version?


More testing needs to be done in regards to Debian. I would like to mention however, that if you are going to go from 2.1.0 to 2.2.0 there may be some placement issues due to a restructuring of certain user directories. I plan on having a more concrete update program here very soon.