Install deluge on quickbox script?

Hi guys,

how can i install deluge on this script, thin client and web client. Can anyone write a how to here step by step please?
Its important that deluge uses the same folder like rutorrent to download the files.


Sorry for the delayed response on this @Eddi, I have been busy finishing up developments in the timeline. Right now you should be able to install deluge directly through apt-get.

sudo apt-get install deluged deluge-webui

Then fire it up by typing in:

deluge-web --fork 

The deluge-web --fork is optimal to simply have it start in the background.

Now you should be able to navigate to http://_your_ip_:8112. By default the password is deluge.

I am not much of a Deluge guy, but I think you should be able to adjust file storage options within the Deluge GUI itself.


it works very well, thx mate