Indexers settings are bugging

Hello all,

it’s been a long time since I’ve posted a problem on this board :wink:

Now, Sonarr is playing tricks on me and keep avoiding my logic…


When I try to edit the settings, the first appear correctly then replaced by some ruTorrent settings that I don’t know where they are coming from. The action lasts a couple of seconds …

Do you have already see this problem? I could not find any clue in any logs of any kind … I wanted to update T411 indexer which changed URL to to I have the same problem with the other indexer settings for KickAss torrent.

They are both dealt with by Jackett.

QB OS : Ubuntu 16.04LTS

Thanks for your help!

I find it awfully suspicious that the Lastpass icon is appearing the same moment the values change. Try temporarily disabling the LastPass plugin/extension, reloading the page and testing again.

agreed…this is a lastpass autofill issue. I’ve seem similar.

You guys are right, I’ve deactivated the LastPass extension, it doesn’t switch anymore. What’s strange is that those settings were not present in LastPass autofill …
Anyway, since t411 changed URL, it’s not working anymore, I’ll have to start Sonarr and CP and Jackett configuration over.

Thank you for your help!

This topic can be marked as solved :slight_smile: