In lieu of lacking donations

Recent downtime on the Plaza, makes me think that maybe QB is too good to be 100% free?

Free and open source is a damn beautiful thing, but it can at times get in the way of stability and progress.

Maybe you want to keep QB free - and in that case I applaud you guys! However a few ideas I’ve been having:

  • Have 2 update streams - one free (less frequent) - one paid (frequent updates)
  • Low monthly subscriptions with perks - eg.: Votes counts x2, priority on feature requests, new applications added to QB available earlier.
  • A monthly draw among paying users - a free server tuneup, a free month or 3 or similar.
  • Seedbox providers using QB, should pay a fee!

There might be other and better ideas, but I really do think QB is of a quality that goes above and beyond anything similar around. And in order to keep the momentum going, I do think you are allowed to ask for a bit more in return.

The biggest thing other than money is time and it takes time to code lots of time. So even though we would love to have a paid version it would take more time than we have with current things in life going on.

Also we shouldn’t have to damand people to pay they should want to help support the development teams the support teams. If it truly is the shit then our community should show us.


The best solution for me is to do some archives of the plaza on Internet Archive. I made it yesterday with a zip file of all the subjects of the plaza. Maybe that the archive don’t make the site usable, but with that, all the subjects are saved and are easy to find.

im going to work on moving the wikis to github in the near future so nobody will have to cry.


It can be a good idea

why not ad some optionnal ads ?
i have a wide screen, and have a box with ads that give you little money wont bother me.

  • we can put it at bottom

its not huge income, but its still income ^^

It could be nice to try to create a Patreon (or other platfroms) account for QuickBox? To see what’s happen.

Every person which wants to see QB grows up could pay few bucks per month. It’s possibe to setup some “rewards” in function of the given amount (early access to updates, video tutorial, etc.). It could pay the forum hosting ?

All of this would be based on volunteering.

It also could be nice to add QuickBox to FeatHub and see if people want new features.

Last -cool- thing, create a QuickBox shop with few items to show our love for QuickBox :slight_smile:
Like ProtonMail shop for example :
And taking a little commission for paying all the QuickBox costs.