If I have a custom request, who should I contact?

Hello guys,

I wanted to PM few of the members but as I am “new” I belive I can’t PM. I had a user here in this forum but I believe after the update it got deleted. (Eventhough i can still see my old posts.)

Anyways, who can I contact if I need custom work? I checked out the marketplace however could not find the exact thing I am looking for. I need a GDrive+Plex setup without 24h temporary API bans, which can achievable with “plexdrive” or “plexidrive”. I also need some other custom scripts. Who can guide me or help me?

Cheers :slight_smile:

There’s a wealth of information on how to achieve what you want on the Quickbox forums especially in the rclone specific threads, as well as on rclone’s own forums. You might want to check out /r/DataHoarder on reddit too. I’ve found a lot of useful information on there too along with a few examples.

Essentially it’s just installing rclone on your server, mount your Gdrive with Fuse and then following the rclone documentation to achieve what you want. Sync/Move/Copy etc… In terms of scripts, it’s just ways to mount the Gdrive at startup etc. Everyone’s scripts slightly differ because we all use rclone in different ways…

Can you elaborate on what custom scripts your looking for? What are you looking to achieve to be exact?

This should be something we can handle within the QuickBox Guru service.
PM @dtech_banned with your request and he’ll take care of it

I tried to send a PM to him but I got a “you can send a pm to this user” error (or something saying the exact thing with different words.)

The custom script that I have on my mind should upload any content that I download to openload+streamango with the subtitles, (that have been downloaded automatically before with couchpatato), added to them. After the upload process is done, it should give me the sharing links.

This will be a custom request. I don’t know if anybody can help with this but the rest of the request is pretty common as you know already :slight_smile:

This should do exactly that. As per the 24hr API bans and avoiding them, as already expressed by @bate, this is the field that @dtech_banned handles, and I am certain once he has time and is on the site, he’ll see this ping and address your concerns accordingly.

As per your other concerns for the custom script, the QuickBox staff will only handle customization requests to QuickBox itself (which is retired until we finish updates to the upcoming version 3 of QuickBox, as well as numerous other time crunching real life circumstances), not necessarily to creating other third-party scripts. Certainly someone will take notice of this at some point and help you out, just be diligent in your communications and who you allow access to your server (outside of verified QuickBox staff/members)

The future plan of QuickBox in regards to the Marketplace is to have a screening process for all Gurus providing all sorts of customized services via QuickBox. From that point on, we’ll handle much more than basic QuickBox support. Just an FYI as your request is inline with that development in the pipeline.


@JMSolo already PM the user :stuck_out_tongue: beat you to it LOL

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thanks JMSolo! Dtech contacted me as he said :D. V3 of Quickbox sounds good! Thanks for the efforts :). (OFF TOPIC)By the way, i had a user here but cannot login to it. (i think it is deleted after the forum update) Is there any chance to get that back?

Have you tried to signup via the website using the same forum username and password. We added Single-Sign-On for easier back and forth between the forums and website. If you like, PM me with the user details and I will give it a look. I doubt it had been deleted as the updates didn’t touch the database. :wink: