I keep trying lol


hi guys

i dont know why the new install always fails on me but it just does ever since the nes script with the updates available

same error dependencies Pulling QuickBox Ecosystem … [ DONE ]
Updating system … [ DONE ]
Installing all needed dependencies … [ DONE ]
Setting up system executables … [ DONE ]
Building required user directories … [ DONE ]
Setting up quotas for /(root) mount … [ DONE ]
Setting up Limited Shell environment … [ DONE ]
Building ffmpeg from source for screenshots … [|] /root/QuickBox/setup/quickbox-setup: line 436: bc: command not found [ DONE ]
/root/QuickBox/setup/quickbox-setup: line 464: /etc/apache2/master.txt: No such file or directory

i dont like to keep bothering you guys but i cant work out why this keeps failing on install

any ideas as to why guys



I just released an update about 45 minutes ago that should address this for unusual cases like yours.

Try this:

apt-get install -y software-properties-common

then run the installer again:

bash ~/QuickBox/setup/quickbox-setup



just one issue clean install went ok no errors, i added a new user and everything looks ok in the dashboard irssi and rtorrent enabled but once logging into the seedbox i get this error

[17.06.2016 19:55:19] Error downloading files. Make sure autodl-irssi is started and configured properly (eg. password, port number): Error getting files listing: Error: Could not connect: (111) Connection refused

thank you again

warmest regards



Thanks for the report. I will look into this promptly and post an update.

A patch has been submitted. You can run the update from your dashboard and this will pull in the new bashrc where the command resides.

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