I have a domain and now what?

Hello all. Recently i purchased domain in namecheap to play around.
Should I just used the namecheap advanced dns? Or move to cloudflare? What is your recommendation?

Current scenario, I used namecheap advanced dns and configure A record to point my vps IP. Then I run box install letsencrypt and it successfull. But why its not encypt my ftp server also?
What should I do? When i connect my hostname in filezilla it will a popup show should i trust blah blah blah.

Im bit confused how to encypt my ftp server? And can I open a ftp using browser?

Last, can I used many subdomain to point to other vps?

box1.quickbox.com point to
box2.quickbox.com point to
box3.quickbox.com point to

Please someone make it clear my question… :thinking: Im bit confused about the letencrypt, ftp server, and cloudflare.

For your last question :
Yes, you would use A records to create subdomains to point to your other IPs.

As for your first question :
Try using SFTP, port 22, instead of 21.

@denellum ok. thanks.

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