I got locked for packet flooding

i use online.net
this is the msg i got

"Your server has been locked because of a Packet Flood.
It means it have sent around 200K Packet Per Second on the network.
It can come from a security breach, a buggy application or IPv6 not correctly configured. "

all i can think of is there was a torrent on a private tracker that was useing alot of bandwidth wen it got shut off

i dont need ipv6 for anything i know of but i dont know how to check if its on let alone turn it off

any ideas how to figure out what happen

ok i am not sure but after getting bounced around a lot and a bunch of non answers i think i just used too much bandwidth for an allotted time period.
it is supposed to be unlimited so they were really evasive about what my limits really are that makes it hard to set it up to not hit them

my alltime high in a month is 53.15 GB 106.25 GB 159.40 GB
that did happen to be the period i got shut off

online.net is never truely unlimited. The ‘guaranteed bandwidth’ is the maximum you can sustain and be ok. If its a ‘special’ server then they dont list it and its a number they just come up with on the fly whenever they think you’re using too much.

So you can burst to 1gbit but not sit there 24x7 at it.

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it was like 4 hours befor i got shut off it was a popular torrent on a private tracker
i am on Dedibox XC SATA 2016
i do wish they just told me that or throttled me for 24 hours what they did

is they shut off the box i had to msg to get it unlocked and told me if it happen again i would have to reformat the box and on the 3rd time my account would be terminated

but they made it sound like there was either a dos attack coming from or going to my box
not just high bandwidth use