How to use quickbox with my domain?

Hello everyone, I’d like to use quickbox with my domain name.

Is there any tutorial out there for this or can you guys help me to do this?

At the present moment there is not a tutorial on this, however, I will finally have time to reach into the realm of wiki this weekend. I know there have been a lot of users opting to install QuickBox while using a domain name, so it seems that this is popular enough to become a potential include. Perhaps coupled with Let’s Encrypt in one swing for ease of use.

As per domains, this is work you will need to do on your end, but it is a rather simple task. All you will need is to create an A Record at your DNS that points to the QuickBox server IP. From there it will pick up on it’s own. I generally use CloudFlare as they are free and their DNS is incredibly reliable and typically fast.

I would opt to install QuickBox as a sub-domain however, as I am not too certain how it would work as sub-directory hierarchy… not with the other applications needing use of those methods. I know that works wonderfully and you’ll have no issues.

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