How to upgrade rtorrent to 0.9.7?

I’ve been using Deluge for a long time and had rutorrent disabled… Now I decided to migrate to rtorrent/rutorrent and I’d like to upgrade to 0.9.7 version (I think that it solves the famous problem of the magnet links getting stuck…) so… Is there anyway to do it inside QB environment without breaking everything? Or should I go for a manual installation from source?

Many thanks in advance.

Hey there @Meiden,

Currently the Community iteration does not support upgrade/downgrade of rTorrent such as Pro. However, this may be something we port over to Community soon. For now, you should be able to manually build over your current version without issue.

Maybe just manual compile from source, using different path / configure prefix, (default is /usr/local).
0.9.7 version also has problem if your server have ipv4 + ipv6. You must manually bind ipv4 in rtorrent.rc, or rtorrent will only listen to ipv6.