How to update programs?

Whats the best way to update programs when using Quickbox?

Im wanting to update Sabnzbd but no idea how- without messing up Quickbox.

Any help would be great


Either using the built-in updater in some apps or doing it the QB way! :slight_smile:

Thanks- but I don’t see any commands to update Sabnzbd? Nor is there a way to upgrade Sabnzbd within the program itself?

Does anyone know how to upgrade Sabnzbd on QuickBox?

Getting massive errors with files downloading to 99-100% but not completing/importing.

Any help on getting Sabnzbd changed over to a stable version would be great. Quickbox is basically useless at the moment.

Alternatively, is NZBGet able to be installed? I can see threads back in January that this was around the corner?