How to uninstall qb

i wondering how i can remove quick box from the system or parts of it…
i just got my seedbox 3 days ago, tried quickbox. but i quickly notice that i want to do stuff different.
for example i want play around with docker… i like to use tmux instead of screen.
perhaps i want to switch to nginx …
i think i just like to be more flexible and like to understand better whats happens.

whats the best way to get rid of most of the stuff quick box installed?
or at least the stuff that starts automatically

There is no uninstall set for QuickBox as it is just a UX for controlling various things hooked to rTorrent etc. You will need to reset your apache configurations as well. Since QuickBox installs RTorrent as well, you will need remove those settings. RuTorrent is installed in the /srv/ directory. All hooks for QuickBox are located within /usr/local/bin so you could essentially just do an rm of that directory, assuming you’ve not installed anything else.

Not sure what you mean by flexible as QuickBox (again) is just a UX… it doesn’t limit anything you do within your server environment. It sounds like you may just want to compile and build rtorrent from scratch… that is really the best way to grasp what is happening.

A UX for controlling stuff should be uinstallable, too. It changes the system’s sign in message, it changes the ssh port – a number of things that would make an uninstall feature helpful.

I don’t even know how many little things like that quickbox has changed on my system, so I don’t know where to look. how do you uninstall it completely?

Quickbox itself won’t interfere with anything that you want to install on the server - I add additional packages all the time that aren’t managed by QuickBox.

Things like the /etc/profile message or ssh port number are changed the same way you would have done it manually,

I’ve used other seedbox setup scripts in the past, if you’re really set on removing it entirely and having a “clean” build, I’d probably recommend just doing a reinstall :slight_smile:

From a development roadmap - I’d really hate to think the software devs would spend time developing an uninstall script instead of adding features, but I appreciate not everybody’s needs are the same.

I can do everything with my QuickBox server, that’s why i love it :slight_smile:
You simply need to “put your hands in the sludge”.

Obviously, if you realized that QuickBox is not what you want for managing your media after you installed it, I suggest you to completely reinstall your server to avoid any “side effect”.

Maybe adding a warning into the installation wizard could be useful @JMSolo ?

This is doable.

Exactly. It’s not really something that has ever crossed my mind as QuickBox itself makes no real significant changes to a system that would be detrimental to it’s overall function. I can however build a real quick rm -rf // find blah blah and remove script. Wouldn’t take too long… but yes… I have been so busy lately I have a mountain of QuickBox priorities staring me down every time I sit at my desk :stuck_out_tongue: