How to switch users via rutorrent plugin

If you have multiple accounts and switch between them fairly often you can enable your accounts to switch between them in the rutorrent interface.

First open the conf.php file located at /srv/rutorrent/plugins/logoff/ with your editor of choice.

In the conf.php file you can find a couple settings you can change:

$logoffURL = "";

Here you can set the URL where users get redirected to after they have logged out.

$abortMs = 1000;

Here you can change the time after which the XMLHttpRequest will be aborted for non-IE and non-FF browsers.

Note: set this too low and you won’t be logged off, set it too high and you will get the auth popup before being redirected.

$allowSwitch = "quickbox,user1,user2";

This is a comma separated list of users who are allowed to switch user. If a username is not in this list he will only get the option to log off or cancel.

Refresh the service via the dashboard and now you should have the option to switch immediately to another account when clicking the logoff button.


Thank you for your addition.